We are excited to see your faces back on campus this fall … in fact, we are SO excited that we don’t want to wait until fall! 

Have you ever had a friend say to you ‘I could NEVER do something like theater!’?

We hear this A LOT after the performances, and it couldn’t be further from the truth! Our goal for the 2021 / 2022 school year is to show every student there IS room for everyone in the La Salle Prep Theater Department.  YOU can help us start to spread the word by inviting them to GET THE SCOOP at our ice cream social on August 31st.

We will have some games, raffles, and ice cream (of course!). Parents / Guardians are encouraged to join us to hear more about volunteer opportunities and to meet the incredible leaders of the program!

Please take a minute to mark your calendar for the afternoon of August 31st, and reach out to everyone you can think of and ask them to join you!