As we started really digging into what the upcoming theater season was going to look like (well … let’s be real – Shelton is ALWAYS thinking and working towards what’s next), I quickly started to realize the importance of this upcoming season.

Coming out of the pandemic / stay at home orders with an incredible show of The Spelling Bee proved to the whole community that together, this program is better.

While we don’t know exactly what the 2021 / 2022 year will look like, what I do know is God will provide streams in the wastelands. He will wash over the parched ground, and provide life for the new things happening at La Salle Theater.

I will let Shelton announce everything that is up and coming, but I will say this: There is room for EVERYONE at the table this year.

Students – you have a community here, and we will use whatever gifts you have. We can even help you find them, if you aren’t sure what you have to offer. Personally invite friends to everything we have going on – especially if they are not part of the theater program. We all need each other – more now than ever.

Parents / Guardians – we will need your help this year. Your support is the engine for this program, and I am so grateful for you.

Alumni – Your role has shifted from when you were a student, but your loyalty means the world to us. Every time you share our events, comment on social media to cheer on our artists, and attend our shows, we celebrate the groundwork you’ve set in place for our current students.

I cannot wait to see what is created with La Salle’s Theater program this year, and I hope you are excited too.