Good evening folks,

I’m writing this as we wrap a very energetic costume measurement and make-up matching session with the actors. There’s something about testing foundations, getting measured and seeing costumes in various stages that makes all of this just a bit more real for some of our actors. 🙂


We are in the throes of the craziness that is show season. Rehearsals, set construction, props, painting crew, music being composed…as I type…mind you, we are in a bustle over here. I don’t get to interact with many of you as closely as I would like and so I don’t often get to express my gratitude to all of you as richly and deeply as you all deserve. La Salle is a special place. It’s special because of the people who CHOOSE to be a part of this community. So thank you for choosing to be a part of this community. For your gifts of time and finances and service as you pour into this community and these students. As many of you know it takes a village and theater is no different. There is so much variety in the ways you are supporting these students and this program so thank you.

Some of you I have the honor of working with more closely and you already know this…for the rest of you I want to make sure you have this information and if you have any questions or comments please, please reach out to me. October 18. Please keep that date at the forefront of your mind. October 18 is the state deadline for all adults, including volunteers who are physically on campus to provide proof of vaccination to HR. Many of you have already been in contact with Melanie McCaffrey ( our Director of Human Resources about this very thing. Thank you. I want to re-iterate something that I know many of you have been hearing a lot. All parent volunteers must complete the following:

– A background check. Link can be found at and at the school website

– Completion of the Called to Protect (I believe online training module.)

– Proof of Vaccination by October 18th.

Again, I’m happy to answer any questions or direct you to some who has answers that I might not if you have questions, clarifications, concerns about any of this. Thank you so much again for all you do and how purposeful you all are on keeping our students as safe as we can.


Speaking of help, if anyone out there just LOVES and I mean finds joy and calm in sewing we will likely have some sewing projects in the next couple of weeks we’d be grateful for folks to work on at home. If that sounds like your cup of tea…oh my, I’m dating myself there, reach out to me or to Angie Chillemi.

Mark your calendars for Friday, October 1st. La Salle is hosting their first Open Mic Event in the theater. Show starts around 7:15. A suggested $1 donation jar will be sitting at the door. This will be the first of several Open Mic Night events being held this school year on campus. Performances are open to all students and adults in the La Salle Community. You DON’T have to perform to attend. It’s a chill night where we as a La Sallian community get to spend time together and enjoy some of the variety of talents on display from our students and teachers. We hope to see you there. Check out the poster designed by Shayden Lough ’22 on the school and theater website.


Speaking of upcoming events. The deadline to guarantee a spot on the 2022 London trip is quickly approaching. September 30th is the last date to sign up to guarantee a spot on the trip. Of course you can sign up after that date; however it is first come, first serve and there is a possibility of the cost increasing if airfare increases on Oct 1st. Below is a video…a snapshot of what students will be doing. This video and a conversation with parents video will also be available at the theater and school websites. Please reach out to me with any questions. This will be life-changing, in a good way, and we are committed getting every student there who wants to get there. – Curtain Time in London



International Thespian Honor Society induction is set to take place October 15 at 7:00pm in the theater. ITS is an international organization honoring excellence in theatrical arts. During a student’s time in the theater department they can collect points for the work they do and in demonstrating, “excellence in artistic craft and technique” be invited to become a voting member of the International Thespian Honor Society. We have over 20 students who have qualified for honor status on their transcripts and will be inducted and recognized in a ceremony Oct 15. This event is free of charge and open to all family, friends, and supporters who would like to pop in and cheer on our hard working students who have earned Honor Society recognition.


Last but not least, there will be information coming out this week about our first Theater benefit of the season. We’re All in This Together. A Night of Music and Dance celebrating theater and storytelling. We are 1 of over 2,000 schools across the world who will be participating in this event with all proceeds benefiting La Salle theater students. More information coming soon.


I’ll stop talking now. Thanks everyone for being you. I promised myself I would keep this under a thousand words. I love hearing from you so please reach out to me with any thoughts, ideas, questions, feedback, I’m all ears. Be safe. Take care.


Michael Shelton

Theater Educator and Director