Hi everyone!

 If we haven’t met before, my name is Brooklyn Chillemi, and I’m this year’s President of La Salle’s International Thespian Society troupe (10116).

I just wanted to pop in because I know there is a little bit of confusion on what “All Together Now!” is, how you can participate, etc., so this is a little Q&A that will hopefully answer some of the questions people are asking! If you have more questions that aren’t here, feel free to reach out to me at (720)-202-2866.

Q: How is this show going to work? 
Think of “All Together Now!”‘s format as being similar to Open Mic Night in the sense that it’s all individual acts. Each act is auditioning individually, and each performs individually. However, it is a little different because we will have auditions, a few full-cast rehearsals running through the entire show, a more customizable lights and sound setup for each number, etc.

Q: What is this for? 
The proceeds from “All Together Now!” are going straight to La Salle’s theatre department. Auditions are isolated to our school, even though “All Together Now!” is a worldwide event. (The idea from MTI, the creators of this event, is that this will help theatre programs raise some money for themselves post-pandemic using free rights to very popular songs!)

Q: Where do I sign up to audition?
Right here: https://lspreptheater.org/all-together-now/

Q: When are auditions due?
Auditions are due November 5th (which is also opening night for Alice in Wonderland). The cast list will be posted on November 8th, and the first rehearsal is November 9th.

Q: What is the rehearsal schedule?
There are only three rehearsals – you are in charge of taking care of your own act outside of that! The rehearsals are November 9th (3:30-5:30), November 10th (3:30-5:30), and November 16th (3:30-5:30). The 9th and 10th will likely be rough run-throughs, where each act will run through its own number, we’ll learn what each number needs props/lights/sound-wise, we’ll organize the crews, etc, and the 16th will be multiple full run-throughs of the show as best as we can. The time in between the 10th and 16th is time for you to run through your own number individually.

Q: How is ITS involved with this?
As a part of being in the troupe, it is required for all ITS members to help in some way with “All Together Now!” since we are leading the event. You will earn points for what you participate in – whether that’s social media, hanging posters, lights crew, performing in the show, etc – using the same chart you used to calculate your original point total for inductions. If you need help with this, let an ITS Officer know! There is no specific hour requirement for the show, you just need to help in some way as a troupe member.

Q: Who can audition? 
Anyone! Feel free to get creative with your auditions. You can sing the songs, or dance to them, or play them on an instrument, etc! Especially since they’re filmed auditions, we’re hoping to have a variety of auditioners.

Q: What’s up with the slots? 
Because the rights are free, MTI wants certain songs to be performed at certain times in the show. (And if some songs are sung, others cannot be.) It’s weird and complicated, but the way I would suggest doing it is ordering what songs you want to perform favorite to least favorite, and then signing up for the slots in that order (so you have the best chance of getting what you want with your audition).

Q: How do I know what I’m performing, since I’m signing up for multiple slots? 
Even though you’re signing up for multiple slots, you likely won’t be performing all of them. Think of it like listing your top three audition choices on your audition sheet. You won’t be playing all of those parts! When the cast list is released, you’ll know what you’re actually singing.

Q: Who is directing this show?

Each act is essentially directing themselves, even though La Salle’s ITS troupe is organizing the event. The troupe will hold a few all-cast rehearsals to solidify the crew and cast mixture, and run through the entire show, but your individual number is your responsibility.

Q: How can crew members get involved with the show?
It depends on what numbers end up getting cast, so stay tuned! We’ll update ASAP. We will for sure need lights and sound crews, and potentially some running crew. (We’re just not sure how many of each.) MTI does require that the stage be mostly blank with little-to-no costuming, however, so there likely won’t be as much work needed for that.