Whelp, our journey into Wonderland has ended. Thank you to each and everyone of you for all of the countless ways you have supported these students and this program and made this show possible.

Our journey through Wonderland has ended but our time together as a group hasn’t yet.

The Steszyn family has so graciously and generously offered up the use of their beach house for a cast and crew party. They will, of course be there as chaperones the entire time and everyone is welcome to join. Firstly thank you so much Steszyn family for stepping in with this incredible gift.

Here’s some of the details…

The plan is for students, and any parents | caretakers who would like to join, to drive out to the beach house this upcoming Saturday.

Here’s where I’d love to get some feedback from all of you.

1. If you would prefer not to travel to the beach or have your student go to the beach, no worries. There’s nothing you need to do.

2. If you are comfortable with your student attending and | or would like to attend please let Liz Steszyn know so she can have a head count. 503-341-9226

3. We will need to put together some carpools. So if you are willing to carpool or willing for your student driver to carpool please let Liz know you’re willing and how many folks you can take. We’d like to offer TWO carpool options.

OPTION 1 – Folks going to the beach house on Saturday morning and returning Saturday night.

OPTION 2 – Folks going to the beach house on Saturday morning and returning Sunday afternoon.

This is NOT a La Salle sanctioned cast | crew party. This is a completely optional, open to all families, celebration being hosted by the Steszyn family. Historically, when a family invites the cast and crew over all of the folks participating pitch in snacks and food, potluck style.

Thanks again! I’m so deeply grateful for all of you. Please reach out to me if you have any specific questions or thoughts or ideas. Thanks. Be safe. Take care and if you can, stop on by the theater this Wednesday at 7pm for our night of music and community celebration benefit, All Together Now!

I’m going to sign off now and try and get a little sleep. Good night.