One of the ways we like the theater students to feel a little spoiled is with some snacks at rehearsals during the musicals. The afternoons are spent building big sets and/or singing and dancing, which requires a lot of energy. It’s nice to have a little basket of goodies they can pull from for a treat on breaks.

This is TOTALLY optional – I usually just grab a box of chips or a snack pack of something when I’m at Costco. Anything you’d like to contribute will be SO appreciated by the hungry teens!

If you’d like to contribute anything to the snack basket, I’d be happy to pick it up from you at the school and get them organized and distributed. Please keep the snacks peanut-free/have a peanut-free option, make sure everything is individually wrapped (per COVID guidelines), and avoid anything that requires refrigeration. 

Please text me (Angie) to make arrangements 720-205-6086. The theater is a shared space, and we want to make sure the snacks go to the theater students during rehearsal vs. feeding the entire school during lunch. 😉