Welcome Mamma Mia families!

It’s great to see new and returning faces coming together for what is shaping up to be an incredibly FUN spring season in the La Salle theater department.

If you’re new around here, my name is Angie Chillemi, and I help out with all of the non-creative things for the production. This means I help with communication, I help organize volunteers (yes – that’s you!) and I do many of the odds and ends that need to be done for the show behind the scenes.

As you can imagine, our incredible production team is usually busy being big-brained on the creative side, so if you need quick answers, I’m your gal. You can reach me at:

720-205-6086  (text is faster than calling)

If you reply to our weekly email blast (which you should receive on Thursday nights) you’ll also get me there … or on social media. Check us out on Instagram at @lspreptheater or better yet, join the conversation in our parents/guardians Facebook group: La Salle Theater Parents and Guardians 

In an effort to keep this somewhat short and sweet, I’ll leave you with one final thing to think about: Where can you help?

We have SO many roles to fill, and I can work with any schedule – we have areas in which you can serve leading up to the show, with students or at home, or during the performances. Here are some examples of volunteers we typically have during a show:

  • Marketing / Advertising
  • Fundraising Efforts
  • Rehearsal Snacks
  • Meal Prep/Delivery during tech week
  • Candy-Gram/Flower/T-shirts/Concessions Sales
  • Costume Help (as needed)
  • Box Office Sales
  • Ushers
  • Green Room Chaperone
  • Social Media
  • Program Design

That said, if you have something that you think would be an awesome addition, let’s chat about it!

I look forward to connecting with many of you soon – holler if you need anything!