Hello all!

I updated the t-shirt size/inventories online, making it even easier to shop. We have all five styles of the shirts on hand, in varying sizes, so you will not need to wait for an order to be placed. The La Salle Theater t-shirts make great gifts, and we can ship them (anywhere in the US) if you’d prefer.

These shirts are also a great grab for Thespian Thursdays and Falcon Fridays at La Salle. All proceeds directly benefit the La Salle Theater program. Shop in our online store here: https://lspreptheater.org/boxoffice/

Please be sure and leave a note at checkout to let me know how you’d like it delivered (In person at the school, mailed, etc)

P.S. Your student WILL also receive a Mamma Mia show shirt, if they are cast, crew, or orchestra member. 🙂