Where we live the sun is just barely peaking out through the overhead canopy of trees. I’m hoping it’s able to make another appearance today, like yesterday. And I hope you are all doing well and having a nice week.

It’s the start of a new semester and the La Salle theater department is rolling with a bang. Never a dull moment around here!!!

This week is FULL of great folks and lots of opportunities.

  • International Thespian Honor Society – is meeting in the theater after school tomorrow. The topic of conversation will be society related updates, Regionals and an opportunity for the students participating in regionals to rehearse. The ITS Regional Competition will take place this upcoming Saturday at Parkrose High School. We will be taking a La Salle van from the school on Saturday morning; however, if students choose they are allowed to drive themselves to Parkrose. Below is the information from the Oregon Thespians Website in regards to vaccination and attendance at Regionals.
    • Due to state, district, and host site guidelines, the following will be required to register and attend Regionals:

      • All participants, regardless of age, must complete a self check at home. If you are feeling ill or showing signs of sickness, stay home. 

      • All Troupe Directors, Judges, and Volunteers must be vaccinated against COVID-19.

      • For Troupe Directors, and school affiliated Volunteers, such as chaperones for a specific troupe, documentation of COVID-19 vaccination can be uploaded into the Oregon Thespians G-Suite Shared Drive “Require Forms Folders” inside the Troupe’s own folder. Proof will be required on site for entry into the event.

      • For unaffiliated Volunteers and Judges, documentation of COVID-19 vaccination must be provided in advance and proof will be required on site for entry into the event.

      • All students must be vaccinated against COVID-19 OR have a negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours of the event.

      • For students who have documentation of COVID-19 vaccination, Troupe Directors can upload proof into the Oregon Thespians G-Suite Shared Drive “Require Forms Folders” inside the Troupe’s own folder. Proof of vaccination or negative COVID-19 test within 72 hours will be required on site for entry into the event.

      • All attendees (adults and students) must wear a mask at all times that covers the nose and mouth.

      • Disposable black masks will be provided at Regionals for all student participants to wear when performing. Yes, all students will wear this mask when performing, and can switch to their own mask when not performing, or continue to wear it all day. 

      • Virtual Regionals participants must wear a black mask while performing in their recording.

      • Anyone not adhering to these protocols will be subject to possible disqualification.

Thank you for understanding!

  • This year’s winter production Gifted by Tommy Lee Johnston is directed by senior capstone student Aaron Leonard-Graham ’22. What is a senior capstone, you may ask?

In the La Salle Theater Department a senior capstone project is a year-long project encompassing three distinct parts. 

  • The Research Paper 
  • The Hands-On Project 
  • The Final Presentation 

Students who have been approved for a Senior Capstone project at La Salle have demonstrated a level of excellence in their own work, an interest for a career in theater arts, an ability to work independently and a vision for a project specifically within the realm of theater performance and | or production. 

Mr. Jenks (Aaron Leonard-Graham) revisits his high-school alma mater as a substitute teacher for a class of highly gifted students. Discovering the passage of time hasn’t erased his own painful experiences as a bully, he now faces a class of kids whose lives and experiences all too closely resemble those of the very students he taunted. Gifted is a story of finding one’s self, forgiveness and redemption. The cast includes:

Zach – Isaac Shirley ’22

Maggie – Ava Whalon ’22

James – Hannah Reddick ’22

Jake – Shay Lough ’22

Janie – Bailey Fronk

Jamie – Jasmine McIntosh

The show opens this next weekend and runs through February 13, 2022. Show information and ticket sales are available online at lspreptheater.org.

  • Mamma Mia Spring Musical is also underway. The rehearsal schedule for this week is:
  • Tuesday, Feb 1 | Vocals | 3:30 – 5:00pm [Choir Room] FULL CAST – minus Gifted – sing through Act 2, Super Trouper, Voulez-Vous, $$$, Mamma Mia, Lay All Your Love on Me
  • Thursday, Feb 3 | Vocals | 3:30 – 5:00pm [Choir Room] FULL CAST – minus Gifted – sing Under Attack, I Do, I Do, I Have a Dream, Dancing Queen, Waterloo.

We are compiling the family contact information now. You will be hearing some more from our current Production Coordinator, Angie Chillemi in regards to parent volunteers, etc. I will try and keep you all updated weekly with a newsletter format like this. As always feel free to holler at me with any questions and to spread the word about the amazing work our students are doing.

It’s a joy for me, it’s a gift to do this work with your students and with all of you. Please take care, be safe and I hope you all have a meaningful start to this new semester