Whelp, it’s Monday of Spring break. I hope that whether you’re staying close to home, traveling, have a jam packed series of adventures to undertake or a quiet space, good books and hot tea that this break offers you and your family exactly what you need to feel refreshed, reconnected and restored.

As we continue to dive deeper into Mamma Mia, I find my mind wandering to Broadway shows and lessons that can be learned through this silly, sometimes awkward and often magical convention of human creativity known as musical theater. In my six years at La Salle we’ve had the great joy and pleasure of producing the following musicals: Into the Woods, Legally Blonde, Disney’s Beauty and the Beast, Les Miserables [cancelled during COVID], The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee and coming soon…Mamma Mia. So, to satisfy my wandering mind before hoping into the NEWS, here are six lessons learned from the six shows we’ve been a part of.

1. “No one is alone.” – Into the Woods

2. “Being true to yourself never goes out of style.” – Legally Blonde: the Musical

3. “Love will always find a way.” – Disney’s Beauty and the Beast

4. I could do this will all of the shows…I’m going to cheat and include multiple with Les Mis, in part because that shows stands out most in my mind as it was that rehearsal process and the subsequent cancellation that had the most profound and lasting effect on our community, effects still deeply felt to this day.

– “One day more, another day, another destiny.”

– “There are dreams that cannot be, there are storms you cannot weather.”

” Even the darkest night will end and the sun will rise.”

5. “An olive is a fruit.” – The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee

6. “Without a song or a dance what are we?” – Mamma Mia

This update will be shorter. It’s spring break after all…I’m trying to be purposeful about the time I’m spending doing show stuff even though we’re in the midst of show season! 🙂

The Post-Spring Break calendar will be available by this weekend. Please note, Tech Week and Dress Week are mandatory for all cast and crew, no exceptions. Please let me know if anything has changed with your family schedules that might have an impact on those days. Thank you.

The last ITS meeting before spring break was all about instructions and requirements not just for this spring’s inductions but for current freshmen, sophomore and juniors who would like to run for student leadership positions. The requirements and expectations for those campaign for office are on the ITS Schoology Page and copied below:

Here are the officer descriptions and application! Applications are due April 15th so you have plenty of time to apply. Reach out with any questions!

  • – President leads all meetings, appoints all standing and special committees, and directs and supervises all troupe activities.
  • – Vice President resides in absence of the President, and is responsible for the induction of new members.
  • – Scribe keeps the point record, attendance, and meeting minutes
  • – Treasurer keeps the troupe’s books and may act as the business manager at Thespian productions.
  • – Chair of Social Media will update social media accounts with news, advertising and promotions.
  • – Chair of Inclusion will foster new community relationships (both in and out of La Salle) to encourage engagement and new members.
  • – Chair of Community is responsible for planning group events and gatherings, as well as fostering a supportive community.

There’s an application on Schoology for students who are interested in running for a leadership position. Please feel free to reach out with any questions or clarifications. Thank you.

The first international travel experience for La Salle students since the start of this pandemic flew out last week. La Salle sent a group of students and teachers to Spain. Best wishes to them. It’s great to know that things are starting to open back up again, and it helps build the excitement for our upcoming London Theater Trip leaving in about 3 months. Something about seeing other groups head out, makes our trip feel that much more real.

If you see them HUGE SHOUT OUT and SUPPORT to our La Salle Dancers who represented La Salle at State this past Saturday in Oregon City just rocking it!

Tickets for Mamma Mia will be available online starting the first weekend of April, send me any questions you have and stay tuned for updates. Reminder that as long as everyone stays healthy the intention is for the understudy performance to be on the 2nd Friday. The performance dates are as follows:

  • Friday, April 22, 7:00pm curtain
  • Saturday, April 23, 7:00pm curtain
  • Sunday, April 24, 2:30pm curtain
  • Thursday, April 28, 7:00pm curtain
  • Friday, April 29, 7:00pm curtain
  • Saturday, April 30, 7:00pm curtain
  • Sunday, May 1, 2:30pm curtain

Students in the Filmmaking and Screenwriting class finished up a Masterclass Workshop with Mr. Randy Sellars, a Hollywood cinematographer based here in Portland and will be transitioning into shooting their original short films during the spring this 2nd semester. We hope to have them premiere later this spring. Stay tuned.

Arts Week is coming at the end of May and with it, lots of opportunities to participate in and experience the arts here at La Salle. Upcoming events include:

  • Artists Aiding Artists – A benefit in collaboration between the National Arts Honor Society, the Black Student Union, the Earth Club and the La Salle Theater Department.
  • 5th Annual Night on Broadway Benefit – co-sponsored and organized by the Pride Alliance and International Thespian Honor Society.
  • Spring Choir and Guitar Concert
  • Spring Band Concert
  • Art Department’s Clay Sale
  • 4th Annual Original Works Festival and Filmmaker’s Gala and wrapping the end of the year with…
  • The 4th Annual Arts Awards Ceremony.

Lots to do, lots to experience and lots of opportunity to continue to grow and learn and serve. Happy, happy Spring Break.