Good morning and Salutations families of alumni, current and incoming families. I hope you’ve all had exactly the kind of summer you’ve needed.

As I type, it is the morning of Friday, August 5th the day of our son’s umbilical hernia repair surgery. Tomorrow, Saturday, August 6th is my beautiful wife’s birthday, Sunday, August 7th we are jointly celebrating the birthday’s of our two youngest and their best friend Levi, next Tuesday, August 9th I’m excitedly getting some facetime with our student leadership team to plan out some start of the year events and Thursday, August 11th, is go day. My wife’s surgery!

I share all of that to contextualize that we’re in the silly season just before the start of a new school year. I can’t predict the future except to say this year is going to be an interesting one!

If you’re just joining us for the first time. Welcome to La Salle Theater! We hope you find a place here. We hope you find connection, community and have fun!

Aaannnnnndddd….yes, I’m directing this at all you adults out there! 🙂 As you know high school is an influential time for your students. They grow A LOT between 15 & 18. They discover new truths about who they are, what they believe, the type of person they want to be and hopefully find a place they feel safe, they feel at home surrounded by a community supporting them and loving them. We want that for you adults as well. We want you to find a fun group of other adults that can help make your time as a La Salle parent meaningful and worthwhile.

So…welcome! All of you! I’m glad you are all here.

Those of you who’ve been on this ride before have already been subjected to my incessant digital rambling. Thanks for being good sports! 🙂

New folks, you’ve been warned! 🙂

It’s been a hot minute since I’ve written so I have much to say. Today I’ll keep it to just some start of year updates. As always please, please feel free to reach out to me with any questions, comments, clarifications at OR comment to this post…whatever is easier for you.

La Salle is a member of the International Thespians Honor Society and we host an honor society chapter. Troupe #10116. Last spring the theater students held elections to select the student leadership team that will be leading our department, our service and our community visions this next year. The student leadership team for the 2022-2023 school year are:

ITS President | Will Clem

ITS Vice President | Izzy Sulloway-Ferreras

Scribe | Izzy Simonutti

Treasurer | Riley Herington

Officer of Community | Chloe Beck

Officer of Inclusion | Ezra Moody

Officer of Social Media | Jasmine McIntosh

FYI, you’ll be bombarded with all kinds of information as we start this new school year. I get we’re all busy and reading these long messages from me might not fit into the busyness of life. That’s totally okay! Seriously!

I write these as a way to feel connected with all of you and as a way [hopefully] you can feel connected to what we’re doing and what we’re all about here at La Salle.

September is going to come quickly. As with the approach of fall I’ll be reaching out to you again asking and encouraging you to get connected with the La Salle theater through volunteering. It takes a village to do what we do; and I know some of you are nodding along right now with an emphatic, “Mmm-hmm!!!!”

It takes a village to make the magic happen and we are ALWAYS looking for folks who can step forward, in roles small and large and in between, to support our kiddos and the work they are doing.

To that end, our theater parent coordinator this year is the incomparable Sarah Madrigal. Her amazing son, Mateo will be a sophomore this year and has been actively involved in sports, band and theater here at La Salle. You’ll be hearing from Sarah throughout this year as well.

I’ll send out another post this next week. WARNING: It will be longer! There are some calendar items, fall play auditions and crew information, honor society, theater culture and expectations, etc, etc, etc to get to all of you.

Our theme this year is: New Year, New Imaginings. Last year was pretty incredible. Event-wise, participation-wise it was one of our busiest, most difficult and character stretching year. One that fills me with joy when I look back on it. It was an important year for all of us involved in trying to rebuild connections, rebuild community and rebuild a sense of belonging after the difficult 2 years of COVID.

Your students worked so hard, so very hard, to learn to be together again in person, to rekindle connection and relationship and for those of you who were able to be a part of and participate in our spring musical Mamma Mia. That hard work sparkled through brilliantly.

This year we’d like to continue building off of last year by allowing ourselves the gift of imagination. Of seeing our community, ourselves and what we do in a fresh and new way. To continue to pursue healthy, meaningful, relationship based community where each of us is valued for who we are, where each of us is supported, and able to live into our best selves.

Best wishes ya’ll!