Letter Requirements


It should be a unique and special honor to receive a Letter in Theater. To earn a Letter in Theater, students must go above and beyond what is regularly expected from a La Salle Theater student. A Letter represents excellence, dedication, service and achievement within La Salle’s Theatre Department.


The first year students meet the above criteria, they will earn a letter and a pin.
Any subsequent years the student meets the criteria for lettering he/she will receive a bar to be placed on the previously earned letter.
Letters will be awarded at the end of the year Drama Awards Night.


In order to letter in Theater a student must participate in at least one of the annual all school productions AND the student must acquire 30 points, based on the points chart below.

Points are earned based on participation for rehearsals and performances. Helping with additional committees or teams is considered part of the La Salle Theater experience and students are expected to help when asked.

You are encouraged to earn points in at least two areas. To earn points for a secondary position, the student must spend at least 20 hours of time, giving full attention to that secondary position, as well as have the points approved by the director.

For any points to be granted, quality work must be done. Having the title does not guarantee points will be earned.

Points are as follows:

Acting PositionPointsProduction PositionPointsSet PositionPointsStudent Lead PositionPoints
Acting, Major Role9Stage Crew4Set Designer10Director10
Acting, Minor Role6Light Board Operator5Construction6Assistant Director8
Walk-On Role2Lighting Crew3Sound Designer8Choreographer8
Chorus3Sound Board Operator5Light Designer8Technical Director10
Dancer4Sound Crew4Scenic Artist6Talent Show Coordinator10
Understudy2Prop Crew3Painter2Dance Captain5
Talent Show Act2Make-Up Design5Clean-Up Crew4Prop Manager6
Talent Show MC9Make-Up Artist2Stage Manager10
Assistant Stage Manager8
Publicity Manager7
Box Office Manager7
Wardrobe PositionPointsBusiness PositionPointsMiscellaneous Position Points
Costume Designer8Usher1Volunteer Work6
Costume Crew2Program Designer4Attendance > 80%10
Poster Designer3Photographer3
Publicity and Promotions5Performance Photographer3
Cast Service / Mentor8Rehearsal Video Editing5
Sound FX Creation6


  • The student cannot be considered as having participated if they quit the show or is removed from
    the show at any time.
  • The student cannot receive disciplinary action in theater production during the school year.
  • Academic eligibility: Grades will be checked via the athletic/activity eligibility form and based on La Salle Prep Athletic criteria.
  • The student must abide by all other rules, regulations and policies established by the La Salle Prep Performing Arts Department.
  • Point collection can start in freshman year; however, the student must be a sophomore to receive their first Varsity letter.