Main Stage Parent / Guardian Agreement

Thank you for being a part of the La Salle Theatre community! As a parent or guardian, your role might not be on the stage, but it is no less important.

Volunteer Hours

In order for the show to go on, we need volunteers for tasks that can be completed at home on your own time, as well as volunteers for in-person tasks before and during every activity and show. There’s no shortage of needs, and our goal is to make the volunteer process easy for you, and your already busy life.

One of the easiest ways to hear about volunteer opportunities is through our Parent / Guardian Facebook page. The parent/guardian community can be found here:

During each semester (Sept-Dec / Jan – June), we ask every family with a student participating in theater during the semester to volunteer for 15+ hours. These hours can be completed by any parent, guardian, grandparent, etc. Please keep in mind, while your student is performing in a main stage production, your volunteer time can be served with ANY of our projects or productions throughout the entire semester. At the time of sign-up, the volunteer will have an opportunity to indicate which student in which they are volunteering.  If you have more than one student in the theater program at the same time, your volunteer requirements will not increase.

Please remember, per La Salle’s standards, all volunteers are required to have a valid background check on file. Background checks are valid for three years. Read more about the policy and request your background check here: La Salle’s Volunteer Page

Activity Fee

By having a full volunteer team, we are able to keep activity costs in line with other activities at La Salle, despite the additional expenses we incur.

The Main Stage Activity fee is $50 and is due prior to the first rehearsal in order for your student to attend rehearsals and participate. This fee includes activity registration, a show t-shirt, and basic supplies needed for costumes and make-up, power tools for set work, etc. 

Should this fee create a financial hardship, please reach out to your student’s counselor for financial assistance.

Volunteer Opt-Out Option

If you are unable or unwilling to volunteer for La Salle’s theater program, but your student would like to participate, we have an option for you to ‘buy out’ your volunteer time with a $75 donation (per semester). We can offer a monthly payment plan if needed. Email our volunteer coordinator Angie Chillemi to set up a plan that meets your needs.

Note: This donation does not include the activity fee. To have the activity fee waived, you must contact your student’s counselor.

Please complete the following form AND make your activity fee payment for each student PRIOR to the first rehearsal. Any student without a form completed and fees paid will not be able to participate until everything is submitted. Missed rehearsals may result in role reassignment, at the Director’s discretion.

Main Stage Parent / Guardian Form