Mission and Audition Policy


The mission of La Salle Theater is to create a brave and inclusive community of storytellers pursuing excellence and meaningful engagement in deeply personal human stories that spark joy, conversation, and transformation. We desire to live out our God-given purpose by using art to change lives, build community and make the world a better place.

It is with this heart by which we approach auditioning for our theatrical and choral programs. Below is a list of policies the La Salle Performing and Fine Arts Department uses for auditions.


The educators, parents, volunteers, and outside professionals who are commissioned to work with our students believe in leading through service, by example, and with authenticity and integrity. As such:

  • It is NOT the policy of La Salle Theater to offer a specific role to a student prior to auditions. Auditions for theater productions, select singing groups, benefits, and other performance-based projects are open to all La Salle students; [when appropriate some roles will be open to middle school and|or elementary school students,] and no student will be pre-cast prior to auditions. If a parent|guardian|caretaker believes an educator or any adult within the program has made such an offer, we encourage immediate contact with the theater or choir director. Additionally, school administrators are available.
  • The Performing Arts staff at La Salle carefully and meditatively considers each casting decision and will always try to put together the best cast for each production. As an educational theater institution, when making casting decisions we take into account more than just individual talent. We also look at growth potential and overall group dynamics.
  • While auditions are open to all students, whenever possible and appropriate we try to give preference to theater students who are taking theater classes.
  • All roles in a production are open to all students in an audition. However, as much as possible and appropriate, we tend to give weight in casting decisions, especially in the spring musical, to theater students who are seniors. However, this does NOT guarantee a student who is a senior will be cast.
  • Ultimately, our desire is for all students to have an incredible experience during the production and for all students to be confident and empowered to perform as their highest selves in their assigned role. Not ALL roles are appropriate for all students. We try and cast all students in ways that will highlight and develop their strengths as a person.
  • Additionally, our expectation is to train students to reach their full potential as faith-centered artists with their own voice, talents, and perspectives. We do not train students toward a specific role. Rather, we prepare students to rise to the occasion of any role they have the opportunity to experience.
  • All students who wish to audition for a theater production will be asked prior to auditions if they are willing to accept any role. Only students willing to accept any role will be allowed to audition.
  • A committee of educators and adults who are professionals in their respective fields make all casting decisions within the La Salle Theater Department. The make-up of this committee changes for each set of auditions, depending on the requirements and needs of each show. For example, a musical casting committee will consist of the director, production manager, assistant director, vocal director, music director, choreographer and if applicable, the stage manager. 
  • Often there are more students who audition than there are roles in a production. This means some students will be cut. This is not an indictment on them as individuals or on their abilities as an artist. There are many factors that go into casting each show, and not all students will make every show. Making the cast list in one show does not guarantee casting in future shows. Auditions are a big deal. They can be intimidating…and, if you allow them, really, really fun. 
  • We hope auditions are an opportunity for learning, and edification; students who do not make a particular cast list are encouraged to ask questions and seek to grow from the experience.

For additional information please see the La Salle Theater Student Handbook. Mr. Shelton’s door is always open, please stop by, pop in, shout out, whatever if you have questions, comments, concerns, ideas, anything.