Fall, 2021
Alice In Wonderland

The classic tales of Alice in Wonderland combined with Through the Looking Glass.

In partnership with the esteemed Michael Allen Harrison to create a musical show unlike any other!

Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

Alice – Ava Whalon ‘22
White Rabbit – Chloe Beck
Duchess, Company – Isabella Simonutti
Cheshire Cat:
     Riley Herington
     Izzy Sulllway-Ferreras
     Madeleine Wisler
March Hare, Company – Bailey Fronk
Mad Hatter, Company – Aaron Leonard Graham ‘22
Dormouse, Company – Angelina Lopez
Red Chess Queen, Royal Court, Company – Sofia Kahl ‘22
White Chess Queen, Royal Court, Company – Jasmine McIntosh
Mock Turtle, Company – Shayden Lough ‘22
White Knight – Isaac Shirley ‘22
Queen of Hearts, Company – Evie Barrera
King of Hearts, Company – Mateo Madrigal
Gryphon, Company – Ames Merton
Tweedledee, Company:
     Rebecca Brotzman ‘22
     Avery Marks
Tweedledum, Company –  Amanda Folsom
Sister, Royal Court, Company – Flora Peruzzo
Mouse, Clubs, Company –  Esa Overturf
Caterpillar, Sheep, Company – Ezra Moody
Fish, Fish-Footman, Royal Court, Company – Jadzia Marsh
Frog, Frog-Footman, Man Dressed in White, Company – Dalton Gamble
Cook, Company – Lorena Tigu
Knave of Hearts, Company – Avery Marks
Humpty Dumpty, Company – Ava Engelhard

Director – Michael Shelton
Production Coordinator – Angie Chillemi
Composer | Musical Director – Michael Allen Harrison
Vocal Director – Otto Wild

Stage Manager – Kayla Erving
Choreographer – Lilly Tiller
Scenic Designer – Michael Shelton
Production Manager – Shayden Lough
Head of Set Construction – Quinton Cooley

Set Construction and Design Crew: 
     Ben Steszyn
     Emma Olson
     Roman Saporito
     Owen Kuntz
     Ava Goodwin
     Sophia Coll
     William Clem
     Sophie Olson
     Hannah Reddick

Costume | Makeup | Wig Designer – Molly McDevitt
Head of Makeup | Wig – Nailah Nguyen
Head of Costume – Ashley Nelson
Costume | Makeup | Wig Crew:
     Ashley Nelson
     Jazzy Keenan-Mudrick
     Lilith Fickle
     Sarah Madrigal
     Kayla Chapman

Lighting | Special Effects Designer – Dan Elsner
Lighting Crew:
     Emma Olson
     Roman Saporito
     Sophie Olson

Sound Engineer | Designer – Michael Shelton
Sound Crew:
     Sammy Casey
     Owen Kuntz

Props Manager – Shayden Lough
Properties Crew:
     Sophia Coll
     Ava Goodwin

Production Running Crew:
     Quinton Cooley
     Ava Goodwin
     Sophia Coll
     Brianna Caskey
     Nailah Nguyen
     Ashley Nelson
     Jazzy Keenan-Mudrick
     William Clem

Digital Backdrop Artists:
     Emma Olson
     Tyler Tran
     Jay Gamble
     Hannah Reddick
     Natalie Fuchs
     Lucas Pinaire
     Anna Milan Tran
     Gabbi Tassinari

The production crew would like to especially thank Ms. Chillemi, Ms. Madrigal, Ms. Fickle, Ms. Coll, Ms. Goodwin, Ms. Saporito, Mr. Chillemi, Mr. Gale-Dana’y, the O’Connells, New Century Players, Vanessa’s Flowers, Reynolds High School Theater Department, Banks High School Theater Department, Oregon Shakespeare Festival, Cha Asokan, Otto Wild, Lisa Daniels, Lauren Craven and Marty Avery.