Fall, 2017
Almost, Maine


Almost, Maine is a play by John Cariani, comprising nine short plays that explore love and loss in a remote, mythical almost-town called Almost, Maine.

Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

Prologue / Interlugue / Epilogue
Ginette – Anna McClow
Ginette Understudy – Grace Winningham
Pete – Egan Arnston

This Hurts
Marvalyn – Emma Foteff
Steve – Henry Prentice

Getting It Back
Gayle – Colleen O’Reilly (week 1), Veronique Poulson (week 2)
Lendall – Andrew Harder

They Fell
Randy – Carson LeMaire
Chad – Ian Pearson

Story of Hope
Hope – Emma Kuffner
Hope Understudy – Gabi Fortenette
Man – Donovan Dressel

Her Heart
Glory – Katie Kell
East – Tarn Bergman

Sad and Glad
Sandrine – Anna Kay
Jenny – Maren Kain
Jenny Understudy – Natalie Galbraith
Waitress – Natalie Galbraith
Waitress Understudy – Alena Salley

Where it Went
Phil – Luke Thompson
Marci – Alison Paguio

Seeing the Thing
Rhonda – Rachel Jones (week 1), Cam Thornburg (week 2)
Dave – Joe Koppy

Co-Director – Michael Shelton
Co-Director – Collin Olson
Set Designer – James Vanhook
Lighting Designer – Aiden Bartocci
Lighting Designer (Aurora Borealis) – Dan Elsner
Costume Designer – Raeya Finkle*
Make-Up / Hair Designer – Dylan Jackson*
Stage Manager – Jordan Yeager*
Properties Manager – Izzy English
Sound Board Operator – Liam McNassar
Assistant Costumer – Isador Colpo

Production Managers:
Tasha Galbraith
Cindy O’Reilly
Peggy English
Patty Kain
Richelle Olson
Meriah Shelton

Poster / Program Designer – Peggy English
Light Crew – Aiden Bartocci, Nick Donato, Reilly Smith, Averi Jackson
Sound Technician – Liam McNassar

Stage Crew:
Oruul Johanes
Alvina Hsaio
Sara Biniam
Franny Bengston
Olivia Cooley
Jordan Yeager
Danae Moyer
Mollie Kuffner
Bri Fosatti
Averi Jackson
Olivia Galbraith
Maren Sheahan
Madi Nichols

Props Crew:
Izzy English
Jackie Dillard
Olivia Galbraith
Sophie Goodell
Mollie Kuffner
Stella Sablan

Costume Crew:
Raeya Finkle
Isadora Colpo
Nick Riley
Danny Nguyen
Maren Sheahan
Bri Fossati
Ashtin Gohman

Make-Up / Hair Crew:
Dylan Jackson
Oruul Johanes
Ashtin Gohman
Danae Moyer