Spring 2019
Disney Beauty and The Beast


The classic story tells of Belle, a young woman in a provincial town, and the Beast, who is really a young prince trapped under the spell of an enchantress. If the Beast can learn to love and be loved, the curse will end and he will be transformed into his former self. But time is running out. If the Beast does not learn his lesson soon, he and his household will be doomed for all eternity.

Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

Belle – Emma Foteff
The Beast – Alex Ensroth
Gaston – Luke Wild
Maurice – Egan Arntson
Cogsworth – Joe Koppy
Mrs. Potts – Rachel Jones
Lumiere – Natalie Galbraith
Chip – Oliver Gaido
Babette – Olivia Galbraith
Madame De La Grande Bouche – Anna McClow
Dancy Captains:
Gabi Fontenette
Samantha Harrison

Featured Dancers:
Olivia Galbraith
Savanah Jameson
Aislinn McCarthy

Paige Baines
Rebecca Brotzman
Dakota Canzano
Braydon Chanthaphanh
Brooklyn Chillemi
Olivia Cooley
Emily Erving
Gabi Fontenette
Natalie Fuchs
Sebastian Gang
Andrew Harder
Samantha Harrison
Alvina Hsiao
Savanah Jameson
Payton Jefferis
James Kelley
Mollie Kuffner
Aaron Leonard-Graham
Aislinn McCarthy
Elvan Ngo
Keira Olson
Alison Paguio
Fiona Richards
Jude Sabian
Luke Thompson
Cameron Thornburg
Ava Whalon
Grace Winningham


Director – Mr. Michael Shelton
Technical Director / Set Designer – Mr. Jim VanHook
Choreographer – Mr. John Szerzsen
Lighting Designer – Mr. Dan Elsner
Costume Designer – Ms. Cindy O’Reilly
Make-Up / Wig Designer – Ms. Molly McDevitt
Sound Designer / Engineer – Mr. Rich Morris
Production Manager – Ms. Tasha Galbraith
Accompanist / Orchestra Pianist – Mr. Rob Fishel
Assistant Director – Collin Olson
2nd Assistant Director – Murphy Schuster

Stage Manager – Izzy English
Assistant Stage Manager – Joslyn Gagnier
2nd Assistant Stage Manager – Henry Pitzer
Costume Student Lead – Anneliese Stahly-Dronkowski
Costume Crew – Isa Sale
Make-Up / Wig Student Lead – Sophia Donato
Make-Up / Wig Crew:
Kayla Erving
Kyra Sanchez
Lucy Connell-Alpert
Amira Tripp Folsom
Kyra Sanchez
Properties Student Lead – Sophie Goodell
Properties Crew:
Jasmine Bartel
Cameron Nguyen
Tiernan Kelly
Nicholas Lennox
Nick Donato
Bella Chalmers
Max English
Sound Crew:
Eli Anderson
Ronan Kelly
Cait Pliska
Lighting Student Lead:
Reilly Smith
Owen Reynolds
Jason Nasser-Marsh
Santiago Noasco Galicia
Jessica Martinez
Set Crew Student Lead – Evie Mathis
Set Crew:
Quinn Cooley
Jonah Jutzi
Danae Moyer
Bird Sanchez
Sara Biniam
Shayden Lough
Emma Olson
Franny Bengston
Theo Desta

Piano – Rob Fishel
Bass Guitar – Mike Cleary
Horn – Gregory Gadeholdt
Synthesizer – Reid Lindsey
Drumset – Taylor Marks
Percussion – Thomas Presnall
Flute / Piccolo – Emily Crouch
Flute – Josh Deng
Clarinet (Oboe, Reed 2):
Charles Metzler Gilbertz
Gili Dejesus Kaptur
Clarinet (Reed 3):
Aylin Begines
Grace Madden
Bass Clarinet – Caleb Freeman
Bass Clarinet (Bassoon) – Matea Felder
Trumpet – Tim Wells
Violin – Noemi Skovierova
Tenor Sax – Annika Sevcik