Spring 2017
Into The Woods


Into the Woods is a modern twist on the beloved Brothers Grimm fairy tales in a musical format that follows the classic tales of Cinderella, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack and the Beanstalk, and Rapunzel – all tied together by an original story involving a baker and his wife, their wish to begin a family and their interaction with the witch.


Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

Narrator – Rachel Jones
Cinderella – Anna Kay
Jack – Carson Lemaire
Jack’s Mother – Zoe Wilber
Baker – Gabe Tafoya
Baker’s Wife – Maren Kain
Cinderella’s Stepmother – Arianna Fitzsimmons
Florinda – Natalie Galbraith
Lucinda – Mollie Kuffner
Cinderella’s Father – Joe Koppy
Little Red Ridinghood – Anna Mclow
Witch – Anna Meyer
Cinderella’s Mother – Katie Kell
Mysterious Man – Garrett Dethlefs
Wolf – Alex Ensroth
Granny – Emma Kuffner
Understudy – Emma Foteff
Rapunzel – Kateri Dir-Munoz
Rapunzel’s Prince – Eli Wild
Cinderella’s Prince – Aiden Gierer
Steward – Henry Prentice
Giantess – Marissa Vanecko
Snow White – Katie Quines
Understudy – Alison Paguio
Sleeping Beauty – Hannah Markowski
Townspeople / Guards / Forest Folks:
Owen Reynolds
Emma Foteff
Ella Springer
Amanda Acker
Amanda Acker
Alison Paguio
Luke Wild
Andrew Harder
Katie Quines
Katie Kell
Emma Kuffner
Hannah Markowski

Director – Mr. Michael Shelton
Assistant Director – Collin Olson
2nd Assistant Director – Peter Rink
Vocal Director – Mr. Otto Wild
Music Director – Mr. John Donnelly
Set Desinger – Mr. James Vanhook
Lighting Designer – Mr. Dan Elsner
Costume Design – Lydia Pearce
Make-Up / Hair Design – Richard Nguy
Stage Manager:
Alexis Han
Grant Starr
Jordan Yeager
Production Manager / Liasion – Mrs. Tasha Galbraith
Head Lighting Technician – Aiden Bartocci
Sound Design / Engineer – Mr. Rich Morris
Sound Board Operator – Liam McNassar
Master Seamstress:
Ms. Cindy O’Reilly
Ms. Lindy Colpo
Ms. Atty Wild

Assistant Costumer – Raeya Finkle

Light Crew:
Molly Peterson
Anna Campbell
Sydney Welp
Ian McMahan
Sound Technicians:
Liam McNassar
Sam Jensen

Stage Crew:
Meghan Stanner
Oruul Johanes
Colleen O’Reily
Alvina Hsaio
Julianna Sprague
Annie Hoang
Madison Haugen
Katie Moreland
Hope Jones
Sara Biniam
Franny Bengston
Isobel Kenney
Briana Fossati
Sam Jensen
Olivia Cooley
Hanna Chabot
Matthew Wells
Zac Cross
Jackie Dillard
Alena Salley
Jordan Yeager
Alexis Han
Grant Starr

Props Crew:
Alena Salley
Jackie Dillard
Costume Crew:
Rochelle Duarte
Isabella Derr
Raeya Finkle
Isadora Colpo
Will Prentice
Lydia Pearce
Eric Nguyen
Cameron Thornburg
Ashtin Gohman
Brianna Fosseti

Make-Up / Hair Crew:
Richard Nguy
Bailey Bronec
Oruul Johanes
Sarah Hamman
Dylan Jackson

Conductor – John Donnelly
Piano Accompanist – Mary Sutton
Flute / Piccolo – Riley West
Flute – Emily Crouch
Clarinet 1 – Grace Madden
Clarinet 2 – Giliana Dejesus
Trumpet 1 – Charles Dierckes
Trumpet 2 – Clifford Rivers
Violin – Jonah Lyon
Cello – Sydney Welp
String Bass – Dan Schulte
Percussion – Thomas Presnall
Drum Set – Eli Welp