Spring 2016


George Bailey has so many problems he is thinking about ending it all – and it’s Christmas!


As the angels discuss George, we see his life in flashback. As George is about to jump from a bridge, he ends up rescuing his guardian angel, Clarence – who then shows George what his town would have looked like if it hadn’t been for all his good deeds over the years.

Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

George Bailey – Alex Ensroth
Clar Odbody – Veronique Poulsen
Mr. Grower – Sam Jensen
Young George Bailey – Donovan Dressel
Harry Bailey – Tarn Bregman
Mother Bailey – Maren Kain
Pop Bailey – Adam Dunckel
Aunty Tilly – Colleen O’Reilly
Violet Peterson – Katie Kell
Bert – Richard Nguy
Ernie – Carson LeMaire
Uncle Billy – Peter Rink
Marry Hatch – Zoe Wilber
Henry F. Potter – Garrett Dethlefs
Ms. Potter Understudy – Rachel Jones
Mr./Ms. Potter’s Goon – Andrew Harder
Mrs. Hatch – Piper Baker
Sam Wainwright – Christian Reyes
Miss Andrews – Jane Bronec
Mrs. Thompson – Anna McClow
Mr. Martini – Aidan Gierer
Mrs. Martini – Julianna Sprague
Miss Carter – Emma Kuffner
Miss Valens – Alena Salley
Mr. Welch – Owen Reynolds
Mrs. Welch – Natalie Galbraith
Mr. Potter’s Secretary – Cameron Thornburg
Soldier – Gabriel Mesa

Eric Nyugen
AnnaMarie Meyer
Gabe Tafoya
Eli Wild
Oruul Johanes
Anna Kay
Courtney Sanders
Newboy, Pete Bailey – Max English
Zuzu Bailey – Keira Olson
Tammy Bailey – Bea Wilber
Lucy Bailey – Erica Campbell
Janie Bailey – Ava Robertson
Susie Bailey – Nora Wilber

Director – Mr. Michael Shelton
Assistant Director
– Collin Olson
Second Assistant Director – Mollie Kuffner
Head Properties Manager – Isabella English
Stage Manager – Grant Starr
Sets / Props / Crew:
Jackie Dillard
Alvina Hsiao
Hanna Chabot
Olivia Cooley
Kateri Dir-Munoz
Nick Donato
Lura Price
Maren Sheahan
Madlin Nichols
Kevin Raschio
Devin Wright
Lighting Designer – Mr. Dan Elsner
Head Light Technicians:
Riley West
Ian McMahon
Lighting Crew:
Aiden Bartocci
Emily Crouch
Sydney Welp
Nick Donato
Head Sound Technician – Henry Prentice
Sound Operations – Liam McNassar
Sound Crew – Cait Pliska
Head Costumer – Lydia Pearce
Costume / Make-Up Crew:
Oruul Johanes
Raeya Finkle
Isadora Colpo
Abby Green-Hoke
Will Prentice
Megan Ng
Christian Gomez
Alison Paguio

Parent Volunteers
Costume Designers:
Ms. Cindy O’Reilly
Ms. Tasha Galbraith
Ms. Richelle Olson

Poster and Program Design – Ms. Peggy English
Set / Stage Construction – Mr. Steve Bregman
Box Office:
Ms. Pat Pearce
Ms. Eva Varga
Mr. Anthony Kell
Ms. Louise Tippens
Ms. Phyllis Dunckel
Ms. Laura Baker
Ms. Suzanne Kay
Ms. Kelly Thornburg
Ms. Laura Baker
Meals and Snacks:
Ms. Patty Kain
Ms. Tasha Galbraith
Ms. Valerie Bronec
Ms. Karyn Kell
Ms. Marie Roberts
Mr. Jack Kain
Backstage Support:
Mr. Otto Wild
Ms. Jennifer Wilber
Ms. Eva Varga 
Ms. Lindy Colpo
Ms. Richelle Olson
Ms. Sarah Reynolds
Ms. Peggy English

A special thank you to:
Mr. Andy Kuffner
Ms. Denise Jones
Mr. Otto Wild
Mr. Matt Winningham
Ms. Georgia Bartel
Ms. Judi Powell
Mrs. Rhonda Fisher