the 25th annual putnam county spelling bee


The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee is a timeless musical comedy centered around a fictional spelling bee, where six quirky adolescents compete, under the direction of three equally quirky grown-ups.

A unique aspect of this show is real audience members are invited on stage to participate in the bee alongside of the six characters.

The improvisation of the adult characters, the unknown element of audience members and our outdoor Shakespearean theater will make this unique production a must-see event each and every night!

Show Photos

Cast & Crew Members

Carla Mom – Bella Chalmers
Chip Tolentino – Isaac Shirley
Danielle Mom – Lilly Tiller
Douglas Paunch – Luke Thompson
Jesus Christ – Amanda Folsom
Leaf Coneybear – Shayden Lough
Logainne Schwartzandgrubenierre – Isa Sale
Marcy Park – Aislinn McCarthy
Michelle Mahoney – Brooklyn Chillemi
Olive Ostrovsky – Grace Winningham
Olive’s Dad – Luke Thompson
Olive’s Mom – Isabella Simonutti
Rona Lisa Peretti – Payton Jefferis
William Barfée – Egan Arntson


Director – Michael Shelton
Assistant Director –
Ava Whalon
Production Designer –
August Oaks
Vocal Coach –
Otto Wild
Lighting Designer –
Dan Elsner
Orchestra Director –
John Donnelly

Stage Manager – Joslyn Gagnier
Assistant Stage Manager – Kayla Erving
Production Coordinator – Jessica Martinez
Props Master – Elvan Ngo
Head of Set – Quinton Cooley
Head of Lights / Sound – Hannah Reddick
Co-Head of Costumes – Danny Nguyen
Co-Head of Costumes – Annaliese Stahly-Dronkowski
Head of Promotions – Riley Herington

Design Lead – Hannah Reddick
Construction Lead –  Quinton Cooley
Set and Design Team:
Emma Olson
Avery Marks
Quinton Cooley
Hannah Reddick
Joslyn Gagnier
Jessica Martinez
Props Crew:
Avery Marks
Sophia Bergeson
Lights and Sound Crew:
Ben Steszyn
Ava Goodwin
Make-Up Crew: 
Nailah Nguyen
Costumes Crew:
Gabby Ashcraft
Sophia Bergeson

Piano – Rob Fishel
Bass – Dan Schulte
Drums – Chris McClean
Flute – Josh Deng
Keyboard – Reid Lindsay

Parent Coordinator – Angie Chillemi